Chrisland School 10 Years Old Girl Full Leaked Video

Chrisland School 10 Years Old Girl Full Leaked Video

Chrisland’s school 1o years old girl video of a schoolgirl Student from Chrisland High School has been caught on camera engaging in sex acts with each other. At the time of the incident, the ten-year-old girl had been chosen to represent Chrisland School in a tournament in Dubai.m Follow us for more updates at WWW.TODAYLEAKED.COM

Watch Chrisland School 10 Years old Girl Sex Tape:

Students at Chrisland School, where the girl aged 10, were caught on camera having sex with other students. With two other pupils present in the room, a hotel room is shown (Chrisland school girl video) where the girl is seen doing a sexual act.


We aren’t going to upload the alleged video because of its illegality as a CP. There is a link to the video here that has been posted on Twitter and Instagram, so you can check it out there if you like. Here’s the direct link to the complete video.


Chrisland video. In the motel room, there were a few students. Mother of a 10-year-old child who claimed videotaped the incident has accused her daughter’s school after the video surfaced. They were playing a truth or dare game, and some of these things can be seen in the girl’s eyes. It was her pals who decided to film her doing this thing after she accepted a dare. You might also take advantage of the current craze for video content on social media platforms.


In a video that has gone viral, a woman says:


To discourage my daughter from speaking out, they’ve threatened to kill her; it is a man’s world, and she should not reveal it to me,” says her mother.

It was stated that Chrisland School in Lekki. Nigeria has suspended a 10-year-old female student who was sexually molested and recorded by her schoolmates during a trip to Dubai.

Chrisland School, on the other hand, was accused by the woman of a cover-up.
Chrisland video. One month ago, I was traveling out of Lagos. After that, I received a phone call from Chrisland’s headteacher, Mrs. Azike, asking if I could meet with her immediately. I promised the school I’d show up when I got back, and sure enough, two days later, I showed up. As soon as I arrived at the school. “I found her in her office with two other women,” the woman said.

My daughter kissed a boy in Dubai, and the boy kissed my daughter. They found out that the kissing issue came from a game called ‘truth or dare,’ so I told them I’d limit her kissing.” Said the mother. In order to stop them from practicing that, they asked me to confiscate her phone, and I agreed OK.”

Georgie Azike, the school’s principal, invited her to a Zoom meeting sometime later, she revealed.

Mr. Akin (the host of the gathering) “taught forgiveness” at the meeting, which baffled her.

It was only until another parent displayed a video of her daughter participating in sexual actions with schoolmates that she learned about the alleged rape, according to one mother-of-two.

Chrisland tried to cover up my problem, thus I request Nigeria to help me. We had to get out of the way because they were attempting to shove us aside, and my daughter was going crazy,” she recalled. “I’m a mother, and I need your aid. Please.” Nigerians, I beg of you to help. Chrisland’s role in covering up this r@pe.”

“A foolish and useless girl among other students,” the 10-year-teacher old’s classmate was alleged to have called her, according to her accusation.

What you need to know about the Chrisland School video that went viral:

Chrisland video. Schools for Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School students from all across Nigeria are grouped together under the Chrisland Schools conglomerate in Lagos and Abuja.

According to Ubi Franklin’s tweets, the parents were informed by another parent in the school. Her school’s World School Games were taking place in Dubai at the time of this occurrence, he claimed.

It just so happens that my friend’s 10-year-old daughter has been picked to represent her school in the World School Games in Dubai,” the music manager remarked. It took a month for the school to acknowledge the rape of his daughter, which was videotaped and put on Instagram by fellow students.


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