Hypo Mashtown CCTV Video | Rapper Hypo Stabbed to Death | Watch full Video

Hypo Mashtown CCTV Video|Rapper Hypo Stabbed to Death| Watch full Video

Hypo Mashtown was the fan-favorite 30 years old rapper. He’s a very famous singer and especially very famous in the rap society. Alongside his work in the music field, he’s also very active on social media. Follow us for more updates at WWW.TODAYLEAKED.COM

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He has also shown his skills as a producer. And used to work at the label, Hard copy where previously late Jamal Edwards was also a producer. Also, the founder of the Mashtown music group through which he reached the heights of fame and gained a massive fan following.

He built his career alongside Asco and Margs and they had appeared on Tim Westwood TV. He is also known for dating famous musician Emeli Sandé.

Hypo was killed at midnight on June 3 while attending a party at Ashton Town Playing Fields, in Chigwell Road, Woodford Green.

Just a moment earlier, he posted a video of himself arriving at the Redbridge party in his car. He walked through the crowds of people right into the party.

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He seemed heated up and enjoying the atmosphere. Little did he know, these were the last few moments of his life, as he would be brutally stabbed and murdered a moment later.

The Leaked CCTV Footage:

The leaked footage on social media is too horrific to explain in words. Once a musician in his prime who made crowds go crazy with his songs could be seen drawing his last breaths.

It can be seen that he is stabbed and the paramedics are desperately putting their every last bit of effort to save his life. But all in vain.

Hypo’s Murder and Police investigation:

The police believe witnesses might have recorded the murder footage live on their phones and they’ve appealed to anyone who was present on the scene and recorded the footage to come forward.

“This man was attacked at a party and we know that a large number of people would have been in attendance. I would urge anyone who is yet to speak with us to come forward and let us know what you saw.

“It is possible that events leading up to the stabbing, and perhaps the murder itself, were captured on people’s phones. Please take a look and call us. We must establish what happened.”, Detective Chief Inspector Laurence Smith was reported saying.

Fans and Celebrities morn the death of Hypo:

People have expressed their grief on social media platforms including the fans and his former colleagues.

Actress Tanika Bailey: “Hypo.. my big brother.. we fight like cat & dog! , but I would’ve never wished death on you… only Jah knows, I’m sorry this happened!”

Rapper Genesis Elijah said: “I still got footage of me Hypes and Dappy chilling at the shop that I never put out. RIP Hypo.”

A fan finally added: “Gone too soon. A real East London legend. RIP Hypo, you will be missed.”

However, few people also believe that the rumors of Hypo’s death are not true as he posted on his Instagram stories some 21 hours ago. There is more to come in the story.

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