Kuaron Harvey And Paris Harvey Leaked Twitter Video Death Scene | Girl Shooting Herself And Cousin

Kuaron Harvey And Paris Harvey Leaked Twitter Video Death Scene | Girl Shooting Herself And Cousin:

Twitter Video Death Scene Today is a tragic scene where a girl shoots first her cousin and then herself. A freak accident occurred at the birthday party where the two cousins named Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey were live on Instagram and both died. These two cousins didn’t cross 15 years. They both are teenagers and both were dead. Two cousins were going on Instagram and doing live sessions. One of the cousins play with the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger. The kids don’t know the difference whats a real gun and whats a fake gun. At that time, the gun was fully loaded. Unintentionally, she killed his cousin and after killed herself. The reason for the killing was not known yet. Cops are investigating it and they described the case as a murder-suicide. Follow More Updates On TODAYLEAKED.COM

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Kuaron Harvey And Paris Harvey Death Video:

They also found out that a 12-year-old kid, Paris Harvey shot and killed a 14-year-old boy, Kuaron Harvey before shooting herself. It was unknown whose gun belongs to, how the gun came into their hands. The whole incident took in an apartment in St. Louis where they were playing it. Their families didn’t know which toy they are playing with.

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The girl’s grandmother, Susan Dyson told the St. Louis Post that she saw an Instagram live video made by two cousins at a downtown St. Louis apartment the family rented in March to celebrate her birthday. It wasn’t them fighting or anything like that said Dyson from the Dallas area. They played with guns when they don’t aware of it.

Girl Accidentally Shoots Guy In Head Video:

Girl Accidentally Shoots Guy In Head Video: Talking about their cousin’s relations. So, they have good relations between them. Both have been staying together since childhood. Kuaron’s mother and Paris’s father were siblings. Before shooting, Kuaron and Paris were alone in the bathroom, shooting video in a mirror. It was reported that both of them were shot in the head. They didn’t get enough time to take them to the hospitals and started getting treatment. If Paramedics reached on time then it’s impossible to save them.

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As we already mentioned to you, Two cousins have good relations between them. Paris and Kuaron Harvey regularly make videos and pranks together. They do this because of making the new video. Nonetheless, their families were sad and now mourn their situation of them. We have to take a look at our kids. So that, we have to prevent the coming mishappening in the future. Stay connected with us.

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