Lagos Girls Sleeping With Dog – For 1.5M Naira Twitter

Lagos Girls Sleeping With Dogs – For 1.5M Naira Twitter

The viral video Lagos Girls Sleeping With Dog has gathered a whole lot of views across every social media platform such as the widely known Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Follow us for more updates at WWW.TODAYLEAKED.COM

Watch February 23 Twitter Woman Stabbed On Facebook:

And YouTube has garnered and caught the attention of members of the public. Disgusting as it could ever be seen, this particular lady in question could be seen having sex with a dog.

The viral video which comes in three facets and dimensions was clearly showing the domesticated dog riding into the lady in question, while she was lying nak*ed on the bare floor squirting in the process.

The scene ensued in the Victoria Island area of Lagos. The unidentified ladies were reportedly rewarded with a whooping sum of N1.5 million for engaging in the acts of sex with dogs. And has forced internet users to ravage this whole issue which is popularly known as bestiality. Which is kind of deemed illegal in the country.

And from the look of things, this doesn’t happen to be a new trend. According to the claims of internet users. Some claim is an act famously known in the city of Dubai.

Lagos Girls Sleeping With DogLagos Girls Sleeping With DogLagos Girls Sleeping With DogLagos Girls Sleeping With Dog


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