Memphis Shooting Suspect Arrested Ezekial kelly Live Facebook Stream Video

Memphis Shooting Suspect Arrested Ezekial kelly Live Facebook Stream Video

The Memphis Police Department is searching for the identities of two men caught on video making terrorist threats against white people as they drive down the road, one day after a violent massacre rocked the Tennessee community and on the heels of the abduction and murder of a beloved school teacher.

The passenger can be heard referencing the killing of Eliza Fletcher, the 34-year-old teacher abducted and killed while jogging in Memphis last week, before the driver brags about crimes they’ve already committed.

“He already shot a white hoe,” the driver in the video said. “Man, I’m fixing to shoot a white old lady, sh-t…while her grandkids are in the car.”

In the video where the two men mock “white lives matter,” they name 19-year-old Ezekiel (Zeek) Kelly, accused of killing four and wounding another three in Memphis on Wednesday during the commission of a crime spree he allegedly live-streamed on Facebook.

“Imma go Zeek-mo on some white people,” the driver said, referring to Kelly. “Gonna get any white hoe if we don’t get popped tonight.”

During a press conference Wednesday, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said Kelly has a long criminal history. He was charged with attempted first-degree murder in April 2021 but pleaded guilty to a downgraded aggravated assault charge, for which he served only 11 months of his three-year sentence.

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