Porta Potty Dubai Video – Porta Potty Dubai stories and confession

Porta Potty Dubai Video – Porta Potty Dubai stories and confession

Porta Potty Dubai’s video is trending on social media after an Instagram model shared her experience and confession (Porta Potty Dubai confession) in her Instagram stories. Follow us for more updates at WWW.TODAYLEAKED.COM

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People are getting mad over Porta Potty Dubai’s confession and Porta Potty Dubai stories. However, if you are not aware of the Porta Potty Dubai video and wanted to watch it, you came to the right place.

Currently, a nasty video emerged on social media which shows a Nigerian model involved in intercourse and then being treated weirdly. The video forced many viewers to throw out.

We will advise you that the purported video is nasty enough to make you regret your decision. But if you are still curious and watch the Porta Potty Dubai video, then here is the link to the full video.

What is Porta Potty Dubai:

Porta Potty is a term used for a specific type of party being held in Dubai. And their participants are extremely rich people of Dubai. Who can afford to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to satisfy their unnatural desires and needs. Many models from third-world countries visit Dubai and try to sell their services to these rich people in the exchange for money.

Porta Potty Dubai has been around for a few years now and more and more Instagram influencers come forward now and then with their confession and encounters of the luxury party in Dubai. And some of the encounters are bizarre, trust me.

Many people might believe that Instagram models and influencers are living the life of their dream with the money from their sponsorship deals and brand endorsements but some influencers share a completely different story with their followers.

Recently, a few models shared their confessions on Instagram stories telling about what have they gone through at Porta Potty Dubai parties.

These Porta Potty Dubai confession stories left people amazed and thinking that what people have to do for money.

Let us learn more about Porta Potty Dubai and take a closer look at confession stories by Instagram models.

Porta Potty Dubai confession stories explained:

Porta Potty Dubai has been trending on the internet for some years now.

However, many people seem to find difficulty in grasping the actual idea behind Porta Potty Dubai.

In simple terms, it is allegedly a party where Arab men take models and influencers for sex parties in lavish settings for ridiculous pay.

Porta Potty Dubai's video

Porta Potty Dubai's video

Video of a model who participated in Porta Potty Dubai parties
The men often take the ladies in their luxurious yachts or hotels and have unconventional intercourse. The bizarreness of the encounters ranges from pouring semen all over the face of the ladies by multiple men and not letting them wipe off to pooping all over the girls according to Slaylebrity.

Many women don’t even get paid the ridiculous promised amounts. If they do not comply with the request of the men they are staying with. However, the ones who comply with the request are said to be paid in the range of $30 to 40 thousand for a weekend.

Several Instagram Models have come forward with confession stories of Porta Potty Dubai.

An unidentified Nigerian lady has shared her experience of the voyage. She made in exchange for $40k for a weekend with Slaylebrity.

She confessed she was taken in a 200-foot yacht for two days. During her first day, the men poured c*m all over her face and did not let her wipe it. Later, the men peed and cleaned her face.

However, the second day turned out more bizarre. On the second day, a man came to her. And they had a physical relationship first he poured c*m all over her face. And when she thought he finished, he squatted over her chest and pooped.

The feces covered her chest and face and some even entered her mouth causing her to throw up. As she tried to free herself. He slapped her and said he not finished yet. And she could lose her money. Which she did anyway.

A website titled Dubai Porta Potty has a collection of similar confessions along with images from Porta Potty Dubai parties.

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