Watch: Alexey Bychkov Video | A Russian Soldier Raped 1-year-old Baby Explained

Watch: Alexey Bychkov Video | A Russian Soldier Raped 1-year-old Baby Explained

Here is more info on the Russian soldier who rapped a 1-year-old baby and filmed himself, then posted the video on Telegram. His name is Alexey Bychkov. His address is Pobedy Street 22/1, Afipsky, Krasnodar region. — One of many WAR CRIMES by PUTIN & his criminal accomplices. Alexey bychkov video. Russian soldier Alexey Bychkov was arrested After a terrible rape video of a baby being molested went viral. The soldier arrested has been revealed in Russian media as Alexei Bychkov, and the footage is assumed to be from the Ukraine conflict. Follow us for more updates at WWW.TODAYLEAKED.COM

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Russian soldiers did not attempt to rape only a single baby, others too are the victim of his tyranny. He recorded the video and uploaded it on a social media platform. If confirmed, it would be the latest Russian atrocity to shock the globe, with Kremlin forces being accused of war crimes and genocide on numerous occasions.

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Although little information about the video has been confirmed, it has been circulated on Telegram and other social media platforms.
According to Ukrainian media, the man shared filthy photographs and videos with a fellow soldier, and the information spread from there.

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Netizens are curiously searching for a video, but due to the nature of the video, we are not able to upload the video here follow the link, below. To watch a purported video.

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Who Is Alexey Bychkov?

Alexey bychkov is a Russian soldier. He is from Stavropol, southwestern side of Russia. On May 1, 1997, Aleksey Bychkov, the film’s protagonist and a real-life soldier, was born. You can look up every bit of information about him online, including his passport number, registration address, and even the license plate number on his car. To get as much information about the criminal as possible, netizens went to extraordinary measures.



As a member of the Russian military, Alexey Bychkov is helping to spread riots across Ukraine. It reported that Bychkov is originally from Stavropol in Russia’s southwest. The identity of his parents and family members is yet unknown. There is video evidence of a soldier raping a child and then shooting him. The video actually uploaded by him to Telegram. However, Telegram has taken down the video because of its obscene nature. No matter how many people have watched the video by now, it is still the worst thing that could possibly happen to anyone, anywhere.

What is Alexey bychkov’s leak video all about?

Alexey bychkov’s viral video has set up social media on fire. In a video, he raped a 1- year old baby and shoot him.
The rumors say that he uploaded a video himself on the telegram which was later deleted. The story did not end with this video. More rumors came forward that he also had raped other toddlers too. The hate in the people is so much that they started thinking that this man doesn’t deserve to live in this world.


The netizens started showing the hate through recent tweets. Some users on Twitter expressed a lot of hate by tweeting: He should not be in this world! Period!”. “Bastard. Get him and educate him“. “The video is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen,” Russia and Ukraine invasion has been a hot topic on the web for 1 month. There is much news that comes out of the tyranny of soldiers. But the incident happened lastly by a Russian soldier raped a 1-year-old. And arrested after this shameful act.

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