Watch Atlanta pool party Twitter videos leave internet repulsed

Atlanta pool party Twitter videos

Watch Atlanta pool party Twitter videos leave internet repulsed

A pool party for adults that took place in Atlanta has left the internet scandalized. During the event, several attendants were seen enjoying a drink under the sun, dancing, and lounging by the pool. A woman showing off her body with little to no clothing in a video has gone viral online. The clip proceeds to show two people in a compromising position in front of several other invitees. At the time of writing this article, the explicit video had amassed multi-million views across social media platforms. Netizens expressed disgust over the same online:

Atlanta pool party Twitter videos

The pool party in question seems to have taken place in Atlanta. Attendees were seen cheering on and recording the two people taking part in inappropriate activities.

Due to the explicit nature of the video, it will not be shown in the article below. Exact details about who hosted the event and who participated in the indecent act remain unknown at the time of writing this article. It also remains unclear as to whether there were any minors at the event. No other news outlet had reported on the same. However, the topic has taken over the internet swiftly.

Many took to Twitter to express concern over the hygiene at the pool party. Others were simply infuriated over the hedonistic nature of the event.

Netizens react to the viral Atlanta pool party video:

Several netizens took to the internet and expressed that the viral pool party clip made them sick to the stomach. Internet users were outraged over the incident. As the majority of the internet expressed how livid they were, others created hilarious memes. A few reactions to the viral video read:

It remains unclear as to whether the people who exposed themselves in an indecent manner were legally charged for their actions.

This is not the first time a pool party has required police intervention. Earlier this month, nearly 30 people were taken into custody in Bibb County, Georgia after hosting an authorized party. Law enforcement found alcohol, marijuana, 15 firearms, packaging material, and digital scales at the event. It was also discovered that partygoers had impounded 16 cars.

As the police entered the event, multiple people were seen attempting to run away. However, dozens of people were caught, which also included two teenagers who were 15 and 16 years old.

Those who were arrested are facing criminal trespassing charges at the moment. They may also face additional charges.

Atlanta pool party Twitter video:


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