Watch Cat In The Blender Video viral – Cat In A Blender Video Twitter

kat in een blender

Watch Cat In The Blender Video viral – Cat In A Blender Video Twitter

Social media users are scarred for life by a video that’s making the rounds on Twitter, featuring a cat and a blender. Twitter and TikTok are flooded with reactions to a video of a cat in a blender. While the origin of the clip is unknown, users are determined to have it removed and they are hoping that the person responsible for the inhumane act receives the deserved punishment.

Not only does the clip leave one traumatized, but many are taken aback by the fact that it managed to find its way on a platform like Twitter, despite its strict rules against gory or violent content.

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Watch full video here:

A few seconds back a horrible video surfaced on the web. The graphics of this viral video is quite disturbing which forces us to find out it. There are many people who have not watched the video yet but the chaos is forcing them to look at the matter. And those who already watched the video are shocked and looking to file a petition against the person who posted this video. In simple terms, the video is showing a cruelty that happened to a cat and you will get stunned after knowing this. The viral video is trending on the web through a particular keyword that is “Cat In Blender Video Twitter“.


Only to bring more awareness to animal cruelty, a number of Internet users are sharing videos featuring their reactions to the sad clip.Meanwhile, a few others in shock are extremely disappointed with humans’ ill-treatment of voiceless animals.One angry Twitter user shared.

You all are so messed in the head to be retweeting a cat in a blender. You’re getting blocked.”Putting a living cat in a blender mate, I do indeed wish that the person who did that will be getting their punishment,” said another.

The viral video does not appear to have any educational purpose and clearly breaches the community guidelines. Users can report the video, and Twitter often acts swiftly to remove such content from the platform.

To report unsettling videos, users can click on the three dots located in the top-right corner of a tweet and select the final option, “Report Tweet.” Netizens must then choose the reason for reporting the content from the available choices. In this instance, the video can be flagged as “It’s abusive and harmful” and “it displays a sensitive photo or video.”

Twitter users also have the option to block the profile that posted the distressing content or mute the profile to prevent seeing any further posts from the account.


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