Watch hitman holla leaked video – Hitman Holla video twitter

hitman holla leaked video

Watch hitman holla leaked video – Hitman Holla video twitter

American rapper Hitman Holla has gone viral online after an explicit video of him along with his girlfriend Cinnamon was leaked online. Followers claim that the rapper posted a scandalous story to his “Close Friends” on Snapchat.

The video went on to be recorded by one of his friends and leaked as well. A video of the two having intimate relations has left the internet scandalized.

Watch The Full Video:

33-year-old rapper Hitman Holla, whose real name is Gerald Fulton, Jr., is best known from the SMACK/ URL rap circuit.

He appeared from the sixth to sixteenth season of Wild n’ Out, which helped in his rise to stardom. The St. Louis native has also appeared in Fight Klub, Battle America. His girlfriend Cinnamon is an influencer-slash-entrepreneur.

singer allege that the video is an private clip of the two together. The ‘Close Friends’ list on Snapchat only allows selected members of a group of people to view the private story, usually in the form of a video or picture. This list will be chosen by the person sending said content.

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