Who Is Jo14gameplay Twitter? Watch Viral Video OF Kid And Mother

Who Is Jo14gameplay Twitter? Watch Viral Video OF Kid And Mother

A couple of times ago a Twitter handle was in individuals discussion which is now available with the username called ‘@Jo14gameplay’. According to the reports, a video uploaded by the user of the aforementioned Twitter profile went viral on social media. Follow More Updates On TODAYLEAKED.COM

People were confused between two usernames ‘Gore_890’ and ‘Jo14gameplay’ as the initial video viewed by the people on the ‘Gore_890’ username Twitter profile but later they started viewing automatically ‘Jo14gameplay’ username on Twitter with the same video. Here in this article we have done an in-depth study on this subject and prepared a report after following various reports so be stick with us for a while and read this written stuff till the last.

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Who is Gore_890 on Twitter?

A day before people were watching the trending video on the Twitter profile of ‘Gore_890.’ But now they are experiencing the trending stuff on the ‘Jo14gameplay’ Twitter profile. According to the reports, we have concluded that both profiles are the same. The person behind both usernames is supposed to be the same guy who changed the username of ‘Gore_890’ to ‘Jo14gameplay.’

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After gaining huge popularity on social media because of a trending video. Those who are not aware of the video that helped the aforementioned Twitter user to gain a huge amount of followers over there are requested to read the further section to learn about the video in the next section.

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Jo14gameplay Twitter Video:

Jo14gameplay earlier known as Gore_890 shared a disturbing video on social media that contained about an accident and its aftermath.

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People watched a mother holding her child and her child was seemingly unconscious in the video with severe injuries. The mother of the injured child was screaming in the video and desperately asking everyone for help. According to the reports, that injured child has lost his life due to severe injuries that might be sustained by him in a deadly accident.

Here Is The Video Link:

Jo14gameplay Viral On Twitter:

Another child and a dog were also can be seen in the video. Who is likely to be the second child of that lady who was screaming for help in the video. It was very hard to see that video complete as a mother and a child were just only able to scream for help. From people apart from this, I could not do for the injured child. We advise you to stay away from that video as it is a very disturbing video. Stay tuned with us for more.

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