Why is Huw Edwards trending on Twitter? Snapchat photo leaves internet scandalized amid BBC presenter scandal

Huw Edwards Photos & Video Leaked

Why is Huw Edwards trending on Twitter? Snapchat photo leaves internet scandalized amid BBC presenter scandal

Distinguished BBC presenter Huw Edwards’ name has been trending on all social media platforms after the news outlet reportedly suspended one of its male TV presenters. It has been reported that a BBC household name paid 35,000 euros over three years to a minor and obtained sexually explicit images from him in exchange. The teenager, in turn, allegedly used the money to fund their crack cocaine addiction.

There has been plenty of speculation ever since the news surfaced on social media. On Sunday, July 9, a Snapchat video of Huw Edwards showing his b*ttocks was leaked, leading netizens to believe that the unidentified BBC presenter involved in the scandal is him.

Huw Edwards is the acclaimed BBC broadcaster of Ten O’Clock News:

61-year-old Huw Edwards has been associated with BBC since 1984. He joined as a news trainee and later became the Parliamentary Correspondent for BBC Wales. From 1994 to January 2003, he was the presenter of BBC Six O’clock News.

Later, Huw Edwards assumed the role of the main broadcaster for the BBC Ten O’clock News and has since then been a household name by remaining in the position.

Last week, when the BBC scandal emerged, names of top male BBC presenters were doing rounds on social media as part of speculations. Huw Edwards, along with his other notable male colleagues, including Gary Linekar, Amol Rajan, Rylan Lark, Graham Norton, Jeremy Vine, Jason Mohammed, Clive Myrie, Mark Chapman, Faisal Islam, and Jermaine Janus, have come under the scanner.

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Huw Edwards Photos & Video Leaked

So far, Jeremy Vine, Gary Linekar, and Rylan Lark have publicly distanced themselves from the scandal. However, Sunday’s Snapchat footage leak of Huw Edwards’ showing off his buttocks has left the internet scandalized. Here’s how the netizens reacted at the “respected” broadcaster’s leaked image.

In brief, looking at the BBC presenter scandal:

In mid-May, the mother of the victim went and complained directly to BBC officials about how a presenter from its news outlet has been exploiting her teenage kid by giving them money (as much as 35,000 euros so far).

She even claimed that the presenter had asked her teenage kid to send him s*xually explicit photos and even perform illicit acts over video calls. The said affair began in 2020 when the young person in concern was 17 years old. Her complaint also mentioned how her child used the money for drug abuse.

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Unfortunately, no action was taken by BBC against the alleged broadcaster. In fact, he stayed on the air until July 5 and even attended a high-profile awards ceremony alongside his colleagues during this time. But, last week, the mother took her story to The Sun, intending to expose the presenter’s true nature. She told the news outlet how she witnessed her child stripping their underpants for a senior BBC broadcaster.

She also mentioned that she never wanted an investigation but just for the BBC presenter to stop. But she was forced to go to the press as she felt the BBC was “not acting fast enough on her allegations.”

Interestingly, the complainant and The Sun were careful not to name the person. The Metropolitan police got involved last Friday (July 7) after the news spread. Their spokesperson said that although they hadn’t received any formal allegation so far, they were in talks with both BBC and the mother of the victim.

The latest Supreme Court ruling in the UK states that “individuals under investigation by official organizations should not be named before charges are brought because it could unfairly damage their reputation.” Moreover, the age of consent in the UK is 16, but the minimum age to send and receive explicit photographs is 18 and above.

As of July 6, the concerned BBC presenter has allegedly received a suspension. However, no confirmation on the same has come so far. BBC has, however, come forward saying that a substantial and full-blown investigation was ongoing.


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