Zendaya Fight Twitter Leaked Video Why Zendaya Getting Beat Up (Assaulted) By A Black Girl

Zendaya Fight Twitter Leaked Video Why Zendaya Getting Beat Up (Assaulted) By A Black Girl

Zendaya gets beaten up in a viral video that is trending on Twitter. It has caused people that it might be the actress based on her physical appearance. But, it isn’t the truth. The video is available below. You can watch it yourself and decide as the actress hasn’t responded yet. Follow us for more updates at WWW.TODAYLEAKED.COM

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The video is seven seconds long and has been trending on social media this Sunday. It features a person hitting a young lady in an apparent store. The location is not clear, but it appears to be a store somewhere. After beating the woman with their hands, the person starts using their legs and starts kicking. A powerful kick sends the Zendaya lookalike lady flying back ending up hitting her head against a wall.

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As mentioned above, the video is violent. It doesn’t describe the context of the fight or when or where it took place or was shot. There are other questions as well such as why the fight happened or who was involved in it. (check: who killed Sidhu Moose Wala?)

From the flashes of the girl’s face, it looks like it is Zendaya in the video who is taking hits. The girl appears to be the same one from Zendaya’s Euphoria scene. Yes, the girl looks like the exact copy of her as seen in the momentary flashes.

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In just milliseconds of video, it’s very difficult to say when or if this has been Zendaya or not. But, she doesn’t have this length of hair as of now. Currently, she sports hair of shorter length as seen in the recent photograph of her in Massachusetts.

In the clip, the girl donned bright-colored Crocs, but her shoes wear has been different in public appearances. Zendaya loves to wear sneakers and has openly told them that she will either wear tennis shoes or heels, but she won’t ever mix them. We looked through a bunch of pictures of Zendaya, but couldn’t find her wearing Crocs in any of them.

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Did Zendaya Get Beat Up? Video

Twitter has made her trending even when there is not enough or solid evidence that the girl in the video is Zendaya. It is just the suspicion that is making her a trend on the micro-blogging platform. The intentions of people could have been good or bad, but they are sending the wrong message by mocking the situation.

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It could be a copycat and have planned and shot the video film. The clip could be the latest example of repeating an attack on a woman of color. It is a disturbing trend and must be stopped.

Our correspondent tried to reach the office of Zendaya for a comment. But, she didn’t respond and hasn’t spoken about it yet. If she is not in the video, it will be worth debunking the hoax/rumor as it’s spreading at lighting fast speed.

Zendaya is a film, TV, and music artist whose work has been recognized in the media. She received a Primetime Emmy Award. She was featured in Time Magazine’s 100 most powerful people in the world which is published annually.

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